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Because every one of us once depended on decisions of others.
WE GOT A CHANCE to be born and to live without our own contribution!
But today, such things are no more taken for granted.

Abortion has become the most frequent cause of death worldwide.
What does matter, is not only the growing rate of aborted children, but their life stories, the stories of their mothers and those of our whole society.
There are many reasons for such a pregnancy solution. Unfortunately, only few people know the complex background of abortion as well as the accessible help in cases when it is needed. In times of crisis and under pressure, we choose the solutions that are the closest to us and the easiest and the most preferred ones by people around us.

But what if there were other possibilities to choose if we knew about them? In fact, there is no way to reverse it. The life cannot be brought back. Because of it, our community of sportsmen wants to help in this case, by using what we enjoy to inform about the possibilities of specific help to make people not to struggle alone.

For whom

For us !
For you and for me.

for our children,
our society,
and our future.

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Every one of us has an irreplaceable
mission to fulfil in this world
And unborn children have it, too!

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Today, we know many stories of famous people, whose mothers were sent to abortion or those who were seriously considering it.

Steve Jobs,

Celine Dion,


Andrea Bocelli

Tim Tebow,

Jack Nicholson,

Ján Pavol II,

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We do not know how many talented people are daily killed
before they are even given the chance to take a breath for the first time.

Get involved

Put on a functional t-shirt with a message and go for a run. Thanks to the t-shirt, you can spread the idea wherever you are, whether during individual running, hiking or other sports activities, you can even create a team with your friends in various races. You can order it through this form for a symbolic contribution of €10.

Hit the online space as well - share your selfie in a t-shirt marked with #ZaNenarodene #Run4Life #ZaZivot, or send it to us and we will publish it on our FB fanPage Run4Life

PS: If you want to support us financially, you can do so to our account:
IBAN SK26 8330 0000 0043 0430 4300.

Kto sme

In 2016, at the Devín Bratislava National Run, we decided for the first time to run not for just to be fit, but for life, for those who cannot yet run. Among the approximately 6,000 runners, we wanted to be an advertisement for life. The first year in small numbers, but every year we were joined by other runners who crossed their own borders with us to show that we should not forget about those who are also here, they just cannot be seen like us.
We have gradually built a face and a brand, and we still want to run with the logo on the back "You run from the start, you live from conception" even to the whole world and spread respect for life. It is more than just running, wherever we are and whatever we do, we can be bearers of the truth about the value of life and human dignity.
This initiative is covered by a non-profit association 4Life.
More about us on our website -
The whole team of Run4Life salutes you for this project.
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